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Want a Free Consult?

It's tough out there right now, isn't it? How's your practice being affected by this pandemic? What's going on in your community? How's your family?

How are you doing?

Go ahead and be honest. Are you going crazy during this time of social distancing, "working from home" while you balance family obligations, anxiety, and restlessness?

Are you trying to wrap up assessments from before you closed down, but stumbling on those tricky cases and wishing you had a colleague to bounce ideas off of?

Or perhaps you're still seeing patients because you've been deemed essential, but feeling isolated from your professional community right now.

Maybe you're using this time to re-invent what your practice will look like once you re-open. Are you revising your report format? Refining your test batteries? Taking stock of gaps in your knowledge and using this time to fill those gaps?

Wherever you're at right now, I have a question for you:

Would a free, 30-minute consultation session help?

Like many other assessment psychologists, I've temporarily suspended my clinical practice due to COVID-19. My in-person evaluations are postponed until schools re-open. I'm still keeping busy with regular consults, running research participants via telehealth, and a few other small projects.

But with my clinical work on hold, I've found myself a bit adrift, disconnected from my calling. I've found myself looking for ways to be of service to others in my professional community.

During this time of high anxiety and uncertainty, it's essential to embrace our deepest values, and turn towards what makes us feel most whole. So I am turning towards my values of connecting, collaborating, and sharing with my colleagues.

As my husband (who's a therapist) always says, "It helps to be a helper." The way I can help right now is to offer free consults to other psychologists who need some professional connection during this time of social distancing.

This offer of a free 30-minute, one-time, mini-consultation is for you if you:

  • Want a quick consult about a complex case

  • Want to start thinking about streamlining reports

  • Want to learn about a specific topic and need some direction to guide your learning

  • Need a professional consult but don't have the income right now you would normally use to pay for consultation

  • Want to stay connected to another professional during this time of social distancing (or just need to talk to someone about something other than the virus for a half hour!)

  • Have always wanted to try consultation, but weren't sure what it would be like

  • Want to learn more about the online curriculum I'm developing on advanced practices in psychological and neuropsychological pediatric assessment

  • Want to ask if you should pursue board certification when things are back to normal

  • Have never consulted with me before (Regular consultees: I love you all and you can absolutely take advantage of this offer if you need to for financial reasons, but if you can continue to pay for regular consultation, I would appreciate it)

Feel free to pass this offer on to colleagues who might want or need a consultation.

Right now, I'm keeping Wednesdays and Thursdays open for free consults (roughly 8AM to 4PM Pacific Time). This may change depending on my availability, your interest level, and what happens as we all continue to navigate the current crisis. Consults are via Zoom unless you have a specific preference for a different platform.

Book a time online, grab a cup of tea, and spend half an hour with me focusing on your practice. Let's be in this together.

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