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Summer Professional Development

Are you looking for some professional development this summer? Here are a3 great opportunities to look into!

1. By popular demand, I've opened up a second Report Writing Bootcamp. This one will be slightly earlier in the afternoon/evening (3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern) and will run for 5 Thursdays, starting July 11 and ending August 8. Bootcamp sessions are recorded in case you have a busy summer and would have to miss a meeting. Click here to sign up. 2. There's still 1 or 2 spots open in the Assessment Consultation Group that starts next week (June 7). Join us every other Friday morning (9AM Pacific/12PM Eastern) for a relaxed yet dynamic peer consultation group focused on assessment. Click here to learn more or sign up. 3. The presentation on giving feedback to children and teens that I co-presented with the amazing duo of Liz Angoff (Brain Building Books) and Alison Wilkinson-Smith (Therapeutic Assessment Fables), Feedback to Empower Any Child, is now available for 4 CE credits! You can purchase the video through Liz's website at You get the slides, too.

Lots more coming soon, so stay tuned!

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