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We stand on the shoulders of giants. I've learned everything I know from the generous and brave people who have written books, published articles, commented on listservs and Facebook groups, and sat down with me to share their thoughts. 

I launched this blog in 2019 to start contributing to the conversation. This is all brand new, so please excuse the mess while this blog is under construction. 

I'm a board certified (ABPP & ABPdN) pediatric neuropsychologist who specializes in complex differential diagnoses, so I'm interested in all things related to child/teen and young adult assessment and neuropsychology.  


Frequent topics of posts will include my thoughts on report writing, assessment processes, case conceptualization, and intervention ideas. I'll also share relevant research and sources of inspiration (podcasts, books, articles, conversations) as I stumble across it.  There's no particular plan here - when I get inspired, I'll post. You're welcome to read, borrow, and steal ideas . If you share, please attribute appropriately. 


I offer individual consultation to licensed professionals who specialize in child assessment. I also offer supervision to professionals working in Washington state. 


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