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Talks & Workshops

I'm available to present to groups, organizations, and practices on the topics listed below. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact me and we'll arrange something the meets your group's needs.

Technical details:

My speaking fee is $300 per hour. Presentations that are already prepared do not require any additional payment for prep time; new presentations require covering half my prep time.

View Past Presentations:
Currently (Spring 2024), I don't have any public presentations scheduled. When I do schedule something open to the community, I'll post it here. If you want to see some past presentations, here are some links:

Prepared Talks

Difficult Feedbacks: What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say

Break through during challenging feedbacks with insights from the fields of communication, persuasion, conflict resolution, and therapeutic assessment. 

Advanced Report Writing

 Write reports that are mods ethical, empowering, and impactful for clients. Write reports that showcase your skill while taking you less time to write.

Young Businesswomen

The Art & Science of Asking Good Questions

Apply the science of communication to enhance the questions you ask families, your colleagues, and yourself. 

Listening For Secret Questions:
How To Ask About What They Can't Tell You

Apply the science of communication to enhance the questions you ask families, your colleagues, and yourself. 

How Neuropsychologists Think

Strategies to reduce cognitive biases and errors in clinical decision-making.

Serious Mental Illness: When to Worry and What to Do

When to worry about hallucinations, delusions, and other signs of possible serious mental illness, and how to support children, teens, and young adults experiencing psychotic or psychotic-like experiences. 

Emerging Bipolar Disorder in Children, Teens, or Young Adults

This is two presentations. The first, Emerging Bipolar in an Emerging Adult, is about clear symptoms of bipolar disorder in a young person. The second, A Strengths-Based Approach to Assessing Distressed and Distressing Children, is about symptoms of severe emotional dysregulation in a latency-age child. 

Feedback to Empower Any Child

Provide empathic, empowering feedback to children and teens about their testing results. 

Additional Topics I Love to Talk About
Let me know if I can create a presentation for you about:

  •  Preventing Burnout and Finding Joy as an Assessment Psychologist

  •  The CRISP (Collaborative, Respectful, Inclusive, Simple, and Positive) Language Model to enhance intakes, feedbacks, testing, and report-writing

  • How Climate Change affects pediatric brain health

  •  Consultation and supervision with assessment psychologists

  • Project Context: Providing updated information to assessment psychologists to support accurate decision-making and solution-focused clinical care

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