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Cozy Up to Fall/Winter Groups

Time to sign up for groups! This fall and winter, we've got two great options, both of which will be on Thursdays and will start on Thursday October 19th.

First up, we've got another session of the popular 5-week Report Writing Bootcamp. These 90 minute sessions will run every Thursday at 3:00 PM Pacific/6PM Eastern. Sessions are recorded in case you miss one. Each session includes a PowerPoint full of exercises, ideas, and inspiration. And don't forget to sign up for the Assessment Consult Group. This group is a safe, supportive, and empowering place to talk about child, adolescent, and young adult assessments. Come prepared to bond with other assessment psychologists who will support you, learn from you, and share their ideas with you. This group is also 90 minutes long, and runs every other Thursday at 9:00 AM Pacific/12PM Eastern. (No session on December 28 -- instead the last session will be on January 4). These sessions are not recorded (for confidentiality). To sign up, click HERE or go to this link:

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