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Upcoming Opportunities! Plus a Free Bonus PowerPoint Feedback

Here's a grab bag of fun stuff you might be interested in!

Scroll down for more info on:

  • Child Assessment Consult groups starting in May

  • 5-week Report-Writing Bootcamp starting at the end of June

  • Upcoming presentations

  • Sample PowerPoint Feedback for presenting evaluation results to a team

Child Assessment Consultation Groups

Are you looking to level up your case conceptualization skills? Join an upcoming group!

I've got two Child Assessment Consultation Groups starting in May 2022. These are small-group, expert-led experiences for professionals (or advanced trainees) who want to learn, grow, dive deep, and find community. There are two time slots:

  • Group 1: Every other Thursday at 8AM Pacific (11AM Eastern) starting May 5, 2022

  • Group 2: Every other hursdays at 9AM Pacific (12 noon Eastern) starting May 12, 2022

Click on the color above to go directly to the sign up page for that group. Or use this link to see all your options:

Here's some more information about the Consult Groups:

  • Length of Sessions: 90 minutes

  • Format: Two cases presentations per meeting. Sign-up in advance. If preferred, you can talk/ask about a general topic (e.g., "can we talk about how to give difficult feedback to parents?") instead of presenting a case.

  • Participants: Limited to 6-8 professionals who want to support each other and grow as clinicians. All levels of testing experience welcome. (I think there's 1-2 spots left in Group 1 and 3-4 spots left in Group 2, so sign up quick!)

  • Cost: $75 per session, paid online in advance as a package ($450 for 6 sessions)

  • Commitment: Membership in the consultation group will be available in 6-session (roughly 3 month) packages. The 3 month commitment will support group cohesion and help with accountability (we're all more likely to make time for something we've already paid for!)

  • Bonuses: Membership in a What'sApp group where we can continue discussions online; invitations to occasional free, online "Brown Bag" lunches where we talk casually about topics of interest to the group; lots of resources like articles, sample articles, handouts

Report-Writing Bootcamp

Are you looking to make your reports more effective, more efficient, and more YOU? Sign up for Report-Writing Bootcamp!

Bootcamp starts Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern) and continues each Wednesday through July 27, 2022. This is a small-group experience where we focus on finding your highest value as an assessor, and find ways to make your values shine through your reports. All while making your reports shorter, more impactful, and easier to write!

Here's more info about Bootcamp:

  • Length of Sessions: 90 minutes

  • Format: Group discussion, hands-on practice, strengths-based working-shopping of your reports

  • Participants: Limited to 6-8 professionals who want to redesign, refine, or streamline their reports.

  • Cost: $125 per session, paid online in advance as a package ($625 for all 5 sessions)

  • Bonuses: Lots of samples; resource lists of relevant articles/books; discounts on Strengths-Based Report Reviews or consultation

Upcoming Presentations:

Want to hear me present about cognitive biases, asking good questions, or report writing? Sign up for a workshop!

Here are my upcoming speaking engagements:

  • How Neuropsychologists Think: Strategies for Reducing Cognitive Bias in Clinical Decision Making Friday April 29, 2022 at 11AM Pacific (2PM Eastern) American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology Virtual Conference Sign Up Link:

  • The Science of Asking Good Questions Tuesday May 3, 2022 at 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern) Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society Science Symposium Sign Up Link:

  • Advanced Report Writing Wednesday June 15, 2022 at 4 PM Pacific (7PM Eastern) New York State Association of Neuropsychology Sign Up Link: Coming Soon!

  • Feedback that Matters Upcoming in July 2022 - Stay Tuned!

Want to engage me to speak about one of these topics, one of the other topics I frequently present on (e.g., assessment of psychosis in children, adolescents, and young adults; assessment of bipolar disorder in children, adolescents, and young adults), or another topic? Shoot me an email through this link.

Feedback PowerPoint

Are you experimenting with ways to make feedbacks more visual, memorable, and meaningful, especially over Zoom? Check out this PowerPoint option!

There's been discussion lately on various child assessment forums about how to incorporate PowerPoint into feedbacks. Here, I'm sharing one way I do that:

Powerpoint Becca Smith Feedback
Download PPTX • 2.70MB

This sample is for a presentation I would provide to a whole team. That is, a group who might not know all of the child's history, or in situations where I want people to have ample time to settle in and get on the same page. If I'm just giving feedback to parents, I skip the history they already know and get to the results more quickly.

This sample provides basic info about assessments, and reviews the child's history, strengths, and current concerns using memorable quotes and bullet points. Then, the presentation moves on to the observations, test results, interpretation, and recommendations.

Following suggestions from the science of communication, my PowerPoint style is heavily visual. You'll notice large font, lots of white space, < 40 words per slide when possible (which means lots of slides!), use of color to organize and highlight info, and some relevant visuals. You'll also notice I try to limit jargon, use real words, and keep the numbers to a minimum.

Personalizing my template for an individual child usually takes me about 50 minutes (which is about how long I spend preparing for a feedback anyway).

If this presentation of it inspires you, please feel free to borrow, use, and adapt as you like. When you come up with something more amazing, please share it with me so I can learn from you!

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