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Time to Sign Up for Fall Groups!

New groups start in September -- grab your calendar and sign up for your spot today. Here's what's on offer this Fall:

  • Report-Writing Bootcamp September Session

  • Child Assessment Consult Groups Groups 3 and 4

  • NEW - Leveling Up and Leveling Out

Want more info about each group? Scroll down to find out more. Or if you're ready to book, click here:

Let's start with our new offering: a group for assessment clinicians contemplating their next step. Leveling Out and Leveling Up: Assessment Clinicians Contemplating What's Next


You're amazing at what you do. But lately, the work hasn't felt so amazing. Are you burned out? Overwhelmed? Looking for a way out?

Or maybe you're ready to take your career to the next level -- but you're not sure what that next step looks like?

Come contemplate your next steps with other caring, compassionate clinicians who know exactly what you're going through.

In this group, we'll be talking about how to level out if you feel like you're sinking into burnout and overwhelm. We'll also make a plan for how to level up to the next stage of your career.

This is not a "self care" group. We'll be getting practical and getting real. At each session, we'll review one of the five options for leveling out and leveling up: Moving On, Moving Out, Moving In, Leaning In, and Moving Up.

We'll decide how that option could fit with your core values and align with your real life. We'll also provide each other with ideas, inspiration, and accountability. This is a group for re-shaping our hearts, our minds, or our jobs, to better fit what we need at this stage of our career.

When Do We Meet: This 6-week session will be held on Wednesday Mornings, 9 AM Pacific (12PM Eastern). 90 minutes each session, starting September 14.

What's the Cost:

$90 per session ($540 total) Who's It Right For: Best fit for assessment clinicians who are 5-25 years into their career, or anyone who has dreamed of leaving assessment behind to open up a pop-up Taco Shop. Participation Limited to 6-8 clinicians. Where Do I Sign Up: Click here

And here's more info on our favorite course, gearing up for the Fall Season:

Report-Writing Bootcamp

A 5-week Course to Whip Your Reports Into Shape


Whether you're looking to write reports that are more effective, more efficient, or more aligned with your values, this 5-week program is for you.

We'll focus finding your highest value as an assessor, so you can enhance what you already do well while streamlining the rest.

This small group will provide support and accountability along with practical suggestions and real-world exercises.

In about a month, you'll be writing reports that take you less time while showcasing more of your skill. All levels of experience with report-writing welcome.

When Do We Meet: This 5-week course will be held on Thursday evenings, 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern), 90 minutes each session, starting September 1.

What's the Cost: $125 per session ($625 total)

Who's It Right For:

Anyone who writes reports and is looking to make them leaner, faster, and better. Best fit for those who write child/adolescent/young adults reports.

Where Do I Sign Up: Click here

And don't forget to sign up for the Fall Cohort of the consult groups!

Child Assessment Consult Groups


In these groups, we focus on deepening our clinical practice, one case at a time.

During each meeting, we cover one to two cases presentations per meeting (sign-up in advance, and if preferred, you can talk/ask about a general topic -- e.g., "can we talk about how to give difficult feedback to parents?" -- instead of presenting a case).

Topics we cover include:

  • Refining the referral question

  • Listening for the "Secret Questions"

  • Asking great interview questions

  • Setting ourselves up to avoid bias

  • Working through the Four Questions to sort through complex data

  • Using our test battery strategically

  • Using ourselves as an assessment tool

  • Identifying our core values and becoming our own authority

  • Delivering empowering feedbacks

When Do We Meet: These 6-week sessions meet every other Thursday morning for 90 minutes. There are two options -- group 3 meets at 8AM Pacific (11AM Eastern) and group 4 meets at 9AM Pacific (12PM Eastern). Note: If you are interested in a Wednesday afternoon meeting (4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern), please send me an email at

What's the Cost: $75 per session ($450 for 6 sessions) Who's It Right For: These groups are limited to 6-8 professionals who want to support each other and grow as clinicians. All levels of testing experience welcome. Best fit for those who see children, adolescents, and young adults (or adults with developmental conditions that first emerged in childhood).

Where Do I Sign Up: Click here for group 3 (8 AM Pacific) Click here for group 4 (9 AM Pacific)

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