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Join Our Summer Consult Group!

Is summer a busy time for your practice, or do you have a little breathing room? Maybe it's the perfect time to join a consult group! Come join a cohort of other amazing clinicians who are looking to go a little deeper in their practice. We'll be meeting every other Friday at 9AM Pacific (12PM Eastern) for 6 sessions. Group starts later this week -- there's a couple spots left, so grab yours soon (summer Report Writing Bootcamp already sold out!). There's a description of the group below the picture. The description answers most FAQs. If you've got more questions, though, feel free to give me a holler. Or, set up a free intro consult to see if the group is the right fit for your needs. If you're ready to skip straight to booking, here's the link: click here. Would love to have you there!

Child Assessment Consult Groups


In these groups, we focus on deepening our clinical practice, one case at a time.

During each meeting, we cover one to two cases presentations per meeting (sign-up in advance, but you don't have to "prepare" anything, as presentation of the case is informal and focused only on what you want to get out of it). Not sure you'll have a case that's right to present to the group during that week? No problem. You can pick a general topic for us to discuss (e.g., "can we talk about how to give difficult feedback to parents?") instead of presenting a case.

While we focus on cases and topics, I do have a range of ideas and techniques that we'll discuss across the 6 sessions. Topics we cover include:

  • Refining the referral question

  • Listening for the "Secret Questions"

  • Asking great interview questions

  • Setting ourselves up to avoid bias

  • Working through the Four Questions to sort through complex data

  • Using our test battery strategically

  • Using ourselves as an assessment tool

  • Identifying our core values and becoming our own authority

  • Delivering empowering feedbacks

When Do We Meet: These 6-week sessions meet every other Friday at 9AM Eastern (12PM Pacific) for 90 minutes starting June 16.

What's the Cost: $75 per session ($450 for 6 sessions) Who's It Right For: These groups are limited to 6-8 professionals who want to support each other and grow as clinicians. All levels of testing experience welcome. Best fit for those who see children, adolescents, and young adults (or adults with developmental conditions that first emerged in childhood).

Where Do I Sign Up: Click here

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