De-Identified Reports
Shorter Report: Subtle Difficulties
Note: Someone recently asked if I could share a report of a generally high-functioning student with subtle learning and social-emotional weaknesses, so here it is
Shorter Report: Language Disorder
Note: This is the first report I wrote in this style
Shorter Report: Severe Anxiety
Note: This is the second report I wrote in this style
Shorter Report: ADHD
Note: Someone asked me if I could share an uncomplicated ADHD eval. For this one, I was working on reading level. This is written at the 9th Grade Reading Level.
Short Report: Intellectual Disability
Note: Sometimes I hate the tables with integrated test results because it's so visually busy. This report has a different style of test results that I sometimes use. This is also for folks who requested a report for a lower-functioning child. 
Short Report: ASD, Gifted, Very Slow Processing Speed
Note: Someone asked if I could share an autism evaluation. This one is at the 12th Grade Reading Level. It also has a larger font and the alternative style of test results. 
Integrated Report: Suspected Pediatric Bipolar 
Note: Before I found my current format, I tried a more integrative format. I'm sharing this in case someone is looking for other ideas and might like this style. (Also I get lots of requests asking how I write up suspected pediatric bipolar.) 
Feedback Summaries and Other Stuff
Feedback Summary: ADHD (2 pages)
Note: If families don't get the full report at the feedback, they almost always get a 2-page "feedback summary." This is a pretty standard example. 
Feedback Summary: Anxiety/Depression (2 pages)
This is a pretty standard example of a feedback summary for a case that's more complicated than ADHD. 
Feedback Summary: Mild to Moderate Dyslexia (Long, 3 or 4 pages)
Note: Someone asked if I could share how I write up dyslexia. This one is longer than usual - I don't remember why. :)
Extended Feedback Summary or Very Short Report: Re-Evaluation
Note: Sometimes I also just use a long feedback summary style as the full report for a re-evaluation. Here's an example of that. 
Feedback Summary to Adult: Schizophrenia (Simplified)
Note: I mostly test kids, but occasionally see adults. Here's a sample feedback to an adult about her diagnosis, simplified to match her level of organization and comprehension. 
Letters to Kids/Teens
Letter to Child: Bright with Significant Anxiety
Note: I write letters to kids when they come for their own feedback. This one is written at the 5th grade reading level.
Letter to Teen: Aberrant Experiences
Note: For a teen with psychosis; written at an 8th grade reading level
Letter to Child: Dyslexia + Anxiety
This letter was to a child about his re-evaluation  after attending a specialized school for a year. It's written at a K/1st grade reading level, since I sometimes get questions about if this can be done for kids with very low reading levels. 

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