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Behavior Observation Form

This is just a quick page to share my behavior observation form (link at the bottom of this page). I developed this form over the years based on the notes I found myself frequently scribbling on test protocols.

I've found what works best for me a form that includes a list of possible behaviors as well as a little room for notes. That way, I can circle the relevant behaviors, without having to write things like "normal eye contact" or "tried to respond to soon" over and over. Plus, reading the list each time prompts me to consider all of the possible behaviors I saw.

There's also a little room for notes if anything out of the ordinary happens. I also write the child's comments or specific examples in the notes area. This jogs my memory when I write the report. It also gives me specific examples to use in the feedback or report. For example, I tested a child recently who got a Standard Score of 105 on Alphabet Writing Fluency; however, that child also wrote the alphabet as abdChIkJzyrstuvwx. I wanted to remember that while I was writing the report. So, I wrote just that on my behavior observation form.

I'm sure this form isn't perfect, and I welcome any suggestions you have! You're also welcome to use it or borrow from it if you'd find it helpful. I have small handwriting so the tininess of the form works for me. However, you might prefer to make it into something double-sided to have more room.

A few notes on abbreviations, which are probably obvious, but just in case:

  • DOB and DOT = Date of Birth and Date of Testing

  • CA = Chronological Age

  • O = Other (e.g., if someone other than the mother accompanied the child; or if they have hearing aids or braces; or if they speak a language other than English)

  • F and LF = Favorite and Least Favorite School Subjects

Here's a link to the form:

Just click on the little PDF picture and it should open for you.

This picture doesn't have anything to do with the form - these girls are just so cute!

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Aug 11, 2019

Thanks Dr. Nelson.

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