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2020 Conference List

Each new year brings us a fresh slate of conferences to consider. Which ones are you attending this year? As I look at my 2020 calendar, I've been thinking a lot about conferences. Are they worth attending? What would an 'ideal' conference could look like? How can we get the most out of a conference? We'll get to those topics in another post, but let's just start with a list of many of the national conferences that might be worth your time this year. I've included links to the programs if available:









  • I'd love to update this list if you know of great conferences I missed.

BTW, I'll be attending the AAPdN Conference in April and the AACN Conference in June so if you'll be at one of those, give me a holler.

Share in the comments what conferences you're attending, whether you think they're worth it, and what your ideal conference topics would be!

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